Executive Tips for the Holiday Office Party

How you are going to connect with your teams during the most wonderful time of the year? Some leaders are naturally extroverted and this comes easy. But, for some, it feels like being forced to watch an episode of Big Brother while cleaning your baseboards. Whatever camp you’re in; there are some rules to the game when it comes to holiday office parties.

Number one: Dress appropriately. Fit in and be part of the team. No one likes for the boss to show up in a slick suit complete with a pocket square when it’s a casual holiday party where employees don Rudolph noses and ugly sweaters. Fit in, don’t under or over dress. It’s a company function, not a nightclub.

Number two: Be mindful of your body language. Be easy and comfortable without fist bumps or high fives. Keep the conversation going and look people in the eye. Try not to look at your phone or watch, even if the most important deal is being penned.

Number three: Use emotional intelligence. Watch for cues and be mindful that the holidays are not fun for all people. While we may love getting into the spirit, our team members may come from cultures that don’t celebrate Christmas. Plus, the holidays, for some, can bring memories of lost loved ones. Be compassionate and use your inner barometer to mitigate uncomfortable situations.

Number four: Watch your alcohol consumption. Take it easy on the sangria and don’t forget how many you’ve had. Please don’t drunk karaoke. It’s just bad. Enough said.

Number five: Celebrate. Don’t pontificate. Don’t make a speech about fourth quarter earnings. All of the air will be sucked out of the room like a record coming to a screeching halt.

Number six: Most importantly, thank people for what they do. Your team looks up to you and they need to feel confident in you – the person – not just the boss. Be sincere and grateful.

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