Executive Coaching & Leadership Development in Nashville

Executive Aura is a Nashville consulting firm that specializes in leadership development, change management, executive team training and CEO coaching. We use experience and insights to create innovative approaches to each organization’s changing environment and challenges. Every executive and leader needs a fresh perspective and clarity on the product they are delivering. Executive Aura’s strongest attribute is that we bring truth with solutions.

Executive Coaching & Training for a Wide Range of Industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Media
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance/Private Equity
  • Social and public sector
  • Transportation
  • Legal


We help your organization design an executable strategy to ensure your stakeholders are working toward a common goal and defined success. We use our StrategyMap© process to think through each element of your strategy for consistency and fit with your organizational strengths. Based on our experience with diverse companies and industries, we provide clients with strategy insights and innovative approaches to drive results and make the most effective use of your capabilities and resources.

Leadership Coaching & Advising

Executive Aura provides one-on-one CEO training and executive coaching with C-suite level executives, teams and leaders on all levels throughout an organization. We also organize executive and leadership academies. We offer developmental exercises, training and resources that allow leaders to quickly hone their leadership skills, helping them become the type of leader people want to follow. Sessions are personalized around the needs of each individual and their role. Coaches build trusted relationships and offer honest, thoughtful feedback in a confidential setting, while focusing on results.

Leadership Development

Improving performance through leadership development helps drive real impact and results for organizations. We customize leadership development programs for executives, teams and emerging leaders that focus on building the skills needed to execute a company’s strategy and build a positive, engaged corporate culture. We have the capability to design and lead retreats, serve as keynote speakers and facilitate board meetings. While we bring expertise from the outside, we are able to build trust as insiders who are interested in your long-term success.

Engaged Corporate Cultures

The purpose of your corporate culture is to execute the strategy. Clear communication and honest engagement represent the most powerful tools to build a high-performance culture. We lead communications audits, re-design existing communications channels and events, and recruit and train peer-to-peer networks to carry the strategy into the organization. These are just a few of the ways we approach problems with strategy buy-in and execution. Each challenge is a unique problem with solutions that fit the situation uniquely. We are not in a hurry to solve-and-run. We want solutions that work and keep on working.