Effective Meetings for CEOs

by Kimberly Pace

Do you attend too many meetings or go to unproductive meetings? In most organizations, almost half of your time can be saved with more effective meetings. Executive Aura surveyed 300 leaders about GOOD and BAD meetings. Below are some of the results:

What makes a GOOD meeting?

  • Clear agenda/Good use of time
  • Accomplished goals/Resolved issues
  • Participation by everyone
  • Well led/Leader prepared

What makes a BAD meeting?

  • No agenda
  • Leader lacks control/Too much input
  • Little accomplished/No resolution or decisions
  • Negative attitudes/Arguing/Not listening

What are the most desired qualities for meeting LEADERS?

  • Sees and hears all sides of the topic.
  • Comes prepared with a set agenda and specific goals.
  • Keeps discussion on point.
  • Builds trust in the room.
  • Exhibits an engaging communication style.

As executives, it’s often hard to see ourselves clearly and to receive honest feedback on how well we lead meetings. Remember the 80/20 rule. Listen 80% of the time and speak only 20% of the time.