Five Ways to Show Gratitude in the Workplace

This time of year we give thanks, gather and reflect on what we’re grateful for with friends and family. When is the last time you thanked your employees, team or coworkers? Research shows that gratitude in the workplace results in fewer sick days, less stress and employee engagement. Adam Grant and Francesca Gino’s study on thankfulness and gratitude states that only 15% of us say thank you at work and 35% said that their managers never say thank you.

Here are five easy ways to say thanks to your employees:

  1. Thank you notes
    Send personalized notes detailing the specific talents you are thankful for in each person.
  2. In-person thank you
    Drop by an employee’s office with no other agenda than to say thank you and that you appreciate their specific work and efforts.
  3. Public thanks and recognition
    Thank your entire team or individual(s) in a public setting. Point out an accomplishment you are particularly proud of and thankful for in the past year.
  4. Over a meal
    Take your team to lunch or have a boxed lunch and go around the table saying one talent or skill you are thankful for in each person. No need to wait for a special occasion or holiday.
  5. Unexpected perks
    Send a gift of appreciation to an employee(s) – gift cards for small items like coffee, parking perks or other company perks that show appreciation.

Make sure your gratitude is specific to each individual and authentic to prevent it from sounding generic. 53% of employees admit they would stay longer at their company, and 81% of employees said they would work harder if they felt more appreciation from their boss (Glassdoor Employee Appreciation Survey). Strive to show appreciation all year, not only one season. It’s a beneficial habit that produces positive outcomes.

Executive Aura is thankful for our families and friends. To our business partners: thank you for allowing us do work we love. It wouldn’t be possible without you and for that we are grateful. 


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