Engaging Your Workforce

by Kimberly Pace

To execute strategy, companies need an engaged workforce. One way to do this is to recruit, train and inspire internal ambassadors.

The Executive Aura Ambassador Network helps you do 4 things:

  1. Ambassadors provide regular feedback on what you are hearing. They are your eyes and ears to let you know if your strategy and goals are connecting with the grassroots.
  1. Ambassadors help you create and deliver transparent messages. Communications cannot always come from the top of the organization. The channels need to be two-way to be effective.
  1. As executives, it’s impossible to be everywhere in your organization. Ambassadors can go visit and talk with those within your organization. They can share relevant information with others and answer current questions.
  1. The grapevine is the way most people receive their information. They get it from those they trust. Ambassadors can help you build authentic, organic word-of-mouth campaigns.

Ambassadors are especially helpful during times of change. Give them a purpose, offer them quality training and they will transform your culture.